Toyota Tundra 5.7L V8 4WD SR5 CrewMax Edition 1794 5.5′ Box year 2019

56000 km
Petrol + LPG

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Technical data



Number of kilometres

56000 km







Number of doors



280 kW

Fuel type

Petrol + LPG

Engine capacity

5700 cm3








Equipment and description



On the vehicle is based LPG equipment, consumption 15-17L/100km. (12-15 € per 100km). The vehicle has an acceleration of 7s/100km and a weight of 2600 kg.

Important information

For each vehicle, we provide the VIN number of the body and CARFAX (a document on which the service inspections, the number of owners and also any damage since the purchase of the vehicle are recorded). If you decide to purchase the vehicle on your own responsibility, we recommend that you ask the dealer for the VIN number and the CARFAX number of the vehicle. Please be advised that 20-30% of vehicles sold in the US are post-flood. If you have the VIN number, just put it into Google search and it will show you the damage to the vehicle. If Google doesn't find any results about the vehicle, it means that the data was intentionally deleted by the dealer due to major damage or flooding. Such removal of the vehicle's history costs 300 - 500 USD. There are exceptions, however, if the vehicle was imported as an unmolested vehicle in 100% condition, but then the price will be high. For a detailed explanation, please contact us on +421 911 22 11 22.

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Watch the video presentation of the Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition
Article from auto.cz

Toyota Tundra: Japan’s third-generation full-size pickup

The engine range includes a trio of twin-cam units with an aluminium block and variable valve timing. The 4.0-litre petrol fork-six engine produces 201 kW (273 hp)/5600 min-1 and 377 Nm/4400 min-1 is transmitted by a five-speed automatic. It is complemented by two i-Force series fork eight-cylinder engines. The smaller one has 4.6 litres, delivers 231 kW (314 hp)/5600 rpm and 443 Nm at the lower 3400 rpm. The larger V8 offers a full 284 kW (386 hp) and 544 Nm from a displacement of 5.7 litres. Both values peak at the same revs as the weaker V8, but it can also burn bioethanol. Both are then mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox.

The chassis and shock absorbers have been modified for driving on unpaved surfaces, and the steering has also been changed. The axles are spaced 3.7 m apart in the largest load area version. The Tundra rides on 18- and 20-inch wheels and can tow a trailer weighing over 4.7 tonnes. No wonder, because the mastodon measures at least 5.8 m, 2.03 m wide and almost 1.94 m high.

It relies on an army of electronic aids: in addition to ABS, EBD and brake assist, for example, stability control, traction control and SST (Smart Stop). This slows the car down when you press the brake and accelerator at the same time. Higher grades offer a blind spot monitor and LEDs for daytime running lights. There are six airbags as standard, but there can be up to ten.

No stone has been left unturned in the interior, which is much more angular. The controls have been enlarged, the front seat ventilation has been improved and the CrewMax finally has a fold-down rear bench seat, and together with the double cab it can also have a one-piece seat in the front instead of two separate ones. There are five trim levels in total: SR, SR5, Limited, Platinum and 1794 Edition. A dashboard display, rear camera and Bluetooth are standard. The Limited also has leather seats with electric controls and wood trim, while the Platinum shines with chrome and includes JBL audio, navigation, a glass roof and parking assist, among other features. And the front passengers’ seats won’t get cold thanks to heating.

The new Tundra won’t arrive at U.S. dealers until September of this year. If a European wants to stand out from the crowd, he has to rely on individual importation and faces the subsequent homologation martyrdom. Toyota’s big pickup truck has never sold on the old continent, and it won’t in the future.
Article from auto.cz

He drove the toyota 1,000,000 miles, got a new one

Attacking the one million mile mark (over 1.6 million kilometres) is not something just anyone can do. American Victor Sheppard, however, made it, breaking the barrier with his 2007 model year Toyota Tundra pick-up. The Japanese manufacturer rewarded him for this good portion of kilometres, buying the car from him in exchange for a brand new tundra.

Sheppard was the sole owner of the car at all times. Over the past nine years, he has driven the car an average of nearly 125,000 miles (about 201,000 kilometers) a year. This was accomplished by regular long-distance travel from his home state of Wyoming to Virginia, a route that entailed moving from the Northwest to the eastern United States. The owner was driving it for work duties.

However, the specialty of this truck is not only the high mileage, but also the original condition. This tundra has the original engine, gearbox and paintwork. “My truck looks great, and apart from a few small details, it’s like new,” says the owner, who says that even the seats are almost like new. “They’re not as clean, of course, but they’re not broken or worn,” he says of them.

But a million miles also meant regular service visits. In nine years, the car has undergone 117 service inspections! In addition to regular inspections and oil changes, the timing belt was changed several times.

It was the great condition that attracted the attention of Toyota, which decided to buy the car because of it. “Our team plans to disassemble the entire truck, bumper to bumper, from top to bottom, to evaluate how well and safely the Tundra was designed and built to last over a million miles in the real world,” reveals Mike Sweers, Toyota’s chief engineer of the engineering center, of the plans for the truck.

The disassembly process will take months, and Toyota wants to use it to reveal the true condition of the car and its individual components. A detailed inspection of engine, chassis or body wear will provide Toyota with insights that it wants to use in the future, when designing future cars.

In exchange for the old tundra, Sheppard will get a new one from Toyota for the 2016 model year. Sheppard is confident in the quality of this model, as the new tundra will be the 16th in the series for him. “These trucks are safe and reliable,” says the happy owner.

The Toyota Tundra is a full-size pick-up that is between 5.3 and 6.2 metres long, depending on the cab. The car is offered exclusively with V8 engines in the US market, with a choice between a 4.6-litre and a 5.7-litre version. The first Tundra was launched in 1999 and the second generation has been on sale since 2006.

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