pscar about us

Before the planned purchase or auction, we thoroughly check each car through CARFAX or AUTOCHECK. In this way, we can find out whether the vehicle is sold directly by the insurance company or by an intermediary, how many owners it has had, and whether it has been crashed or otherwise damaged before the collision, or flooded after a flood.  In the case of a large-scale crash or flooding, we do not purchase cars. More information can be found out about the origins of cars from America than for cars originating from Europe. For each vehicle sold, we will also provide the body number – VIN.

The cars we buy from USA and Canada are always in condition as pictured. We don’t do any stretching of sheets for prettier shots. Since sometimes it is impossible to see the exact extent of the damage from photos, we buy more expensive cars with minimal damage. Every crashed car from our inventory purchased at America can be inspected.  Just type the VIN body number into Google. You will then see photos with of the damaged vehicle.