pscar about us

Please fill out a non-binding form regarding the purchase of a vehicle. We will then send you an offer. Before that, we will check the vehicle via CARFAX.

The CARFAX is a trusted document on which service inspections, the number of owners and also damage to the vehicle are recorded.

We import and register vehicles up to 7 years old. Older vehicles can also be imported, but the surcharge for registering in the Czech Republic is €1,500.

We buy vehicles in the US at COPART and IAAI auctions, only from insurance companies, not dealers.

The insurance company sells the car in as-is condition after the crash, with no modifications. The dealers first buy the more damaged vehicles from insurance companies, later aesthetically modify them for better photos, and then sell them again at auctions. We do not purchase such vehicles in any case.

There is no description of the damage on the auctions, so our company only imports vehicles with minimal damage visible in the photos. A vehicle can only be damaged once. We do not import flooded vehicles under any circumstances. We check this via CARFAX.

We have all our imported vehicles serviced by garages with a minimum of 20 years experience. We only use original spare parts for repairs. We never install cheap Chinese replacements. During repairs, photos are also taken of the parts replacement process. The photos are later used for customer viewing.

We will always change the oil and all filters on the vehicle we sell to the customer. You will get your vehicle thoroughly cleaned. If necessary, the paintwork is also refinished. We provide a 1 year warranty on each vehicle. By agreement we can also install various accessories and LPG equipment of KME (Poland), STAG (Poland) and BRC (Italy) brands.

It takes 2-3 months to import a vehicle, 1-2 months to repair it and about 1 month to register it. Thus, the total time can be up to 6 months.

After selecting the vehicle and subsequent price agreement, it is necessary to send to our account 50% of the total agreed price.

Upon agreement, it is possible to register the vehicle in the name of a private person, but also in the name of a company, where VAT deduction is possible.

All vehicles that we register in the Czech Republic, including the registration of LPG equipment, can be sold to any country of the European Union. However, each state may have different fees for registering a US vehicle. We can also deliver an unregistered vehicle with a US registration by agreement.

The slightly crashed vehicles we import have only cosmetic defects, which we remove by replacing parts. The main advantage of such an import is a price difference of even €10,000 for a vehicle whose value is around €50,000.

Due to lack of time, we do not import or claim vehicles found by you.

Our company is one of the few to provide the body number, the CARFAX document and also photos before the repair on their website. By comparison, for example, there are many American vehicles on mobile.de that do not have a body number at all, so it is not even possible to get a CARFAX with the vehicle’s history. We tried contacting verified dealers to provide a body number, but out of ten, only two sent one. After checking these vehicles, we found that they were badly damaged before repair, and they were imported from Poland or Lithuania. That is why the body number is not mentioned anywhere.

Another unseriousness on the part of dealers is that for a fee of $300-$600, the vehicle’s history, or extent of damage, can be erased. We tried it too. After paying the fee, you will no longer find any information about the crash of the vehicle (in our case VIN: 5TFDW5F19JX759381) except in the CARFAX document, where the history cannot be deleted.

More and more suspiciously cheap non-crashed vehicles imported from the USA are appearing on the internet. There is a high probability that the sellers do not pay CLO or VAT for these vehicles as they do not have ,,EXPORTING to EUROPE,, in the CARFAX document. In such cases, the vehicle may still be leased in the US while the same vehicle is registered in Europe. It is not possible that a car that is worth $50 000 in the US is sold in Europe for €50 000 after registration, including fees.