Ford F-150 5.0 V8 XL 2WD SuperCrew 5.5′ Box 2019

11500 km
Petrol + LPG

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Technical data



Number of kilometres

11500 km







Number of doors



290 kW

Fuel type

Petrol + LPG

Engine capacity

5000 cm3








Equipment and description


  • 360° camera
  • Mechanical security
  • MSR
  • Swivel headlights
  • Parking camera
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)


On the vehicle is based LPG equipment, consumption 12-15L/100km. (10 -13 € per 100km). The vehicle has an acceleration of 7s/100km and a weight of 2600 kg.

Important information

For each vehicle, we provide the VIN number of the body and CARFAX (a document on which the service inspections, the number of owners and also any damage since the purchase of the vehicle are recorded). If you decide to purchase the vehicle on your own responsibility, we recommend that you ask the dealer for the VIN number and the CARFAX number of the vehicle. Please be advised that 20-30% of vehicles sold in the US are post-flood. If you have the VIN number, just put it into Google search and it will show you the damage to the vehicle. If Google doesn't find any results about the vehicle, it means that the data was intentionally deleted by the dealer due to major damage or flooding. Such removal of the vehicle's history costs 300 - 500 USD. There are exceptions, however, if the vehicle was imported as an unmolested vehicle in 100% condition, but then the price will be high. For a detailed explanation, please contact us on +421 911 22 11 22.


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Video test Ford F-150 5.0 V8: The American Octavia

The best-selling American car is slowly making its way onto Czech roads. We got a taste of what it’s like to drive a Ford F-150, a living legend not only among work pickups.
The Ford F-150 is a living legend. In the United States, it has long been one of the best-selling cars ever, thanks to a combination of performance features that Americans simply love. Actually, it’s kind of their Octavia Combi.

However, the popularity of this great American pick-up truck is also growing outside its homeland. Incidentally, more and more often we see the F-150 driving on Czech roads, although it is not officially imported to our market and you would be looking for it in the Czech price list in vain. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get it in some showrooms.

Under the hood of the F-150 bubbles a classic straight-five-liter fork eight-cylinder engine, which squeezes out 395 horsepower and 542 Nm of torque, so it moves this beast pretty well, plus it can tow 3.5 tons just fine.

All-wheel drive is a given, so it won’t get lost in the woods, although this car is also a bit of a trendsetter and sometimes serves more as a fashion accessory that hardly gets dirty than as a hard worker in overalls.

Either way, this is an absolute American classic that we just had to try. And so, in collaboration with Legends, we bring you this video test.

Photos before repair

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